Movies etc.

For a longer list, see this page. (stills from Rumours of War (2018) - a film from the project: Where Were You in 1992?)

Where Were You in 1992? (with Amanda Egbe)
The Flower Beneath the Foot (in development)
Concrete Heart Land (with Steven Ball, 2014)
April ShowersRipplesWhose Fitzrovia? (2010-2011)
Waldron Panorama (with Amanda Egbe, Oct 2010 – Feb 2011)
Vukovar 2009 (with Women in Black)
Deptford | Tributes (with Amanda Egbe, 2009)
lebensraum | living space (2009) ♦ kentish town lebensraum (2010)
NATO: Readiness and Relaxation (2015 remix by Wordthecat)
Tomorrow and the Day Before (2004)
Between (2001)