INCLINATIONS Film Club @ Glasgow CCA
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A volunteer-run film club bringing personal, DIY, slow cinema, experimental, queer, poetic, political, confrontational films. We aim to show Scottish premieres and films which do not get airings in UK festivals or cinemas. We celebrate different perspectives in style and standpoint as well as production methods.

8th Feb 2023 - Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream - Scottish premiere
12th April 2023 - Theaters of War - UK premiere - Roger Stahl interview - panel discussion
14th June 2023 - The Last City - UK premiere - Heinz Emigholz interview
13th September 2023 - Before We Move - Scottish premiere
26th October 2023 - A.I. at War - UK premiere
29th November 2023 - Libera Me & Seven Stories by James Kelman - James Kelman conversation
13th December 2023 - Those Roads of Fatsa - UK premiere
16th January 2024 - This Is Not A War Story - UK premiere